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Concrete Cleaning & Restoration

Remove existing debris/material such as dust, dirt, grease, paint stripes, VCT glue or even worn down epoxy using Clean And Seal's expertise. An on-site evaluation is necessary to formulate the most accurate and cost effective solution that fits your schedule and budget. Please click here to submit a description of your project.

Polished Concrete
This process consists of a series of abrasive smoothing steps that, when completed, produces an impressive concrete floor surface, both visually and in terms of durability. When the grinding and polishing steps are combined with the application of a compatible, liquid chemical densifier, the result is a smooth, glossy, durable and attractive concrete floor. It produces an almost mirror-like floor that is exceptionally resistant to wear, dusting, marking and abrasion.

Stained Concrete
To create an artful, colorful appearance, stained concrete offers a cost-effective contemporary solution for interior or exterior environments. Choose from a variety of colors and patterns to enhance the appearance of nearly any concrete surface. Stained concrete is an excellent solution for high traffic areas such as offices, restaurants, retail, etc. Please click here to visit our gallery for a sample of a complete stain project.

Floor Joint Caulking
Protect your floor from moisture and increase it's longevity by cleaning and sealing construction joints. Epoxy-based filler material prevents water and debris from potentially damaging the foundation of your concrete floor. Also, protects the slab as it expands and contracts from temperature and movement.



Acrylic Concrete Sealants
Provides a protective membrane for interior and exterior concrete including
terrazzo surfaces. It bonds to concrete forming an inert film that is resistant
to construction chemicals and stains. Ultimately, creating a surface that is
highly resistant to the penetration of dirt and straining materials.

Typical uses:

  • Industrial Floor Slabs
  • Driveways and Sidewalks
  • Walls and Columns
  • Interior and Exterior Concrete Floor Toppings
  • Warehouses
  • Dry Shake Floors
  • Dustproofing

Chemical Concrete Hardener
Liquid hardeners change the molecular structure of the surface wear zone,
making it denser and stronger. Ideal for industrial environments exposed to
heavy traffic. The glossiness of this treated surface will actually increase over
time and provide easy cleaning for many years to come.

Typical uses:

  • Dustproofing
  • Industrial Flooring
  • Warehouses
  • High Traffic Interior Surfaces

Epoxy Floor Coating
Protect your floor with a durable epoxy coating. While enhancing the floor
appearance, this polyurethane material can be useful in a variety of applications
to protect against weathering, foot traffic, heavy equipment. High-solid epoxy
material is an excellent floor coating and most useful where protection from
most chemicals and stains are a necessity.

Urethane Floor Coatings
The ultimate protective coating urethane can be applied to create a hard,
impenetrable barrier from industrial chemicals and stains. This membrane is
utilized for not only utilized for it's durability and chemical resistance it is also
used to provide a high-gloss finish to epoxy surfaces. For a highly durable floor
coating that is aesthetically pleasing urethane is the ideal solution.

Eliminate dusting on your concrete floor by utilizing a liquid densifying sealer.
A sealed surface not only protects the integrity of the floor but also alleviates
the need for frequent cleaning.


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