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Residential Driveway and Garage Sealants

Protect and beautify your most valued investment - your home. Clean and Seal specializes in epoxy/urethane garage coatings and driveway sealants that not only protect and alleviate future repair costs but beautify but enhance appearance as well.

Garage Floor Coating Systems

If you are looking to protect your garage floor from oil spots, tire marks, stains, etc. while providing an aesthetically attractive surface Clean and Seal has the solution. Lesser quality garage coatings can be purchased at retail stores that will initially provide the desired appearance. However, these products will not provide lasting adherence and protection of an epoxy/urethane coating system. Clean and Seal uses the same material that we apply in auto dealership service areas that are exposed to traffic and solvents on a daily basis. Also, a non-slick additive can be applied to create surface texture to prevent slippage. To inquire about our garage coating system please contact us or request a bid for your specific project.

Driveway Caulking

"Drive-weeds" are those pesky weeds that grow in the slab joints on your driveway. Many pest control manufacturers make millions selling various weed killers to fight these. Well, Clean and Seal can solve this problem once and for all without any chemicals!

Most houses - even new houses - are constructed with wood slats in the joints of the driveway slabs. They are there to enable movement and prevent cracking in your driveway and prevent dirt/debris penetration. However, they are a temporary solution to a greater problem. Eventually, heat and moisture cause these planks pop out or rot away allowing pests and "drive-weeds" to appear and pose a greater threat of allowing additional moisture (rainwater) to seep beneath the slab causing foundation cracks.

Driveway caulking begins by cleaning the joints of wood slats, dirt, debris and replacing with an expandable joint filler that will tenaciously adhere to the concrete creating an impenetrable barrier while allowing movement in the slab.

Driveway caulking is a cost-effective solution to alleviate repair and potentially save you thousands in driveway resurfacing costs. Please contact us at 713-686-8500 or request a bid to inquire about your driveway or garage and how Clean and Seal can protect and beautify your home!

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